How to Refer

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, our centre at Gertrude Street is closed until further notice. However, we continue to offer therapy and counselling services and our team is currently working with clients online and over the phone.

We are open to new referrals but our referral pathway has changed slightly – we now need a telephone consultation with a Referrer before the referral may be accepted and progressed.

If you are thinking of referring a client, it is important that you read the following information first.

As before, our services are primarily available to those in any of the following groups:

  • on Income Support
  • receiving Tax/Universal Credits
  • open to social services

who live in either:

  • RBKC or
  • LBHF

In order for us to consider your referral we will need to have a conversation with you to discuss the case and assess suitability.

In addition, we would like referrers to have discussed the following points with their clients:

  • Does your Client have access to, and are they willing/able to use, an appropriate device for video calls e.g. telephone, tablet or computer? We can offer either telephone or video consultations.
  • Do they have a private space so that they can talk freely?
  • Are there any safety issues that need to be taken into account? (e.g. potential domestic abuse)

If you would like to make a referral please email and include:

  • Your (the Referrers) name,
  • Your (the Referrers) Telephone number
  • Your (the Referrers) Availability
  • Brief sentence of the referral you’d like to make

Once we have spoken with you and if the referral is accepted, we will ask you to complete a Service Request Form, which we will send to you. One of our therapists will then contact the client to arrange an online or telephone consultation.

This will be an opportunity for the client to find out what we offer and if we have a suitable service available for what they are looking for.  This is a freeconfidential service.

Please note, we do not make assessments or write reports for court.

If you have any questions please email us at as the telephone number at Gertrude Street is currently not being monitored.