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Individual Counselling and Therapy

We offer free and confidential help to families, parents, young people or children. We work with low-income families with children under the age of 19 who live in the London boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea.

Working with families, parents, carers, children, young people, and grandparents, our therapists provide individual counselling sessions that are individually designed to meet each client’s specific needs. We are an independent charity, providing a welcoming, non-judgemental service which is client-led – this means we will help you to identify your hopes and goals and find ways to achieve them.

“It was so welcoming, I felt at ease, I felt I could speak, I felt comfortable. It makes me happy to have someone listen to me”

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Dads Matter

A forward-looking, solution-focused groups for dads, step-dads and male carers.

Our parenting group for dads is a 6 week programme, which runs each term.

Without exception the feedback has been positive and the dads have described significant changes and insights.

The most common themes in feedback are:-

  • An improved sense of well being ‘I feel better about myself, I’m less stressed’
  • Confidence to try things and feeling more pro-active in parenting
  • Improved relationship with their child ‘I feel closer to my child, I’m calmer and more patient’
  • Improved understanding of their child’s needs and how they can meet them ‘I know what I can do’
  • An improvement in relationships within the family
  • Enjoyment of sharing ideas and knowledge with other Dads

So why a dads-only group?

Firstly, research shows the benefits a positive male role model can have on the wellbeing of children whether they live with the child or not.

Secondly, although there are many similarities between parenting for mothers and fathers, there are some significant differences in the challenges and influences facing fathers. Many men identify their primary role as being the ‘bread winner’. This pushes the requirement to meet their children’s social and emotional needs into second place. Many fathers have told us that they feel of lesser importance compared with mothers and are less confident in being a parent.

By meeting with other men these issues can be explored and discussed. Participants find they are not alone and that their worries and challenges are common to many. By creating an open and sharing environment, men are encouraged to explore their own emotional health and, where appropriate, seek support through individual therapy.

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If you are interested in joining the next Dads Matter course please visit our How to Refer page to download our Service Request Form.