20 Mar

Meet a volunteer…

Brian Huckett moved to Brook Green over 20 years ago. At a Christmas party he heard about WLAC and has been a supporter ever since. For the past five years, he has been volunteering as the Treasurer for the Brook Green Events Group.
Why do you support WLAC?
I support WLAC because it is a small, local charity which I feel is doing a worthwhile job with limited resources, efficiently applied. It is very transparent.
Heather (the CEO) and her personal dedication are great motivating factors. She has given a great deal of her life to the charity and its work. She is completely genuine.
And I have great faith in the power of talking therapies. The WLAC case studies show how therapy helps children and families who face the most incredible challenges. I always read the examples in the annual review. Also, I have personal experience of how therapy can help you cope and move forward in the most difficult times.
What do you do as Brook Green Events Group Treasurer?
We are lucky to have an excellent group of fundraisers who are very experienced at running events. I have a project management background so I enjoy helping behind the scenes so that that we know exactly who is attending our events, table allocations etc and of course keeping track of all the donations and ensuring that they reach their intended destination – WLAC’s bank account!
What has been your experience of volunteering for WLAC?
This is my first experience of being closely involved in a charity. It is quite different to the corporate world; there are no apparent power struggles or internal politics. Everyone is completely committed to the cause and pulling in the same direction.
WLAC has a low-cost administrative set-up. I can see that. Sometimes it can be frustrating. But they focus their resources on delivering therapy to clients. And that is where it should be.
What do you wish other people knew about WLAC?
That it exists! WLAC does such tremendous work and it is so important. They deserve to have a higher profile.
I also think that WLAC could encourage more of its supporters to become regular donors. The centenary campaign prompted me to set up a direct debit. Hopefully more supporters will do this so that WLAC can plan ahead and help more families.